© Julie Artacho
© Julie Artacho
© Julie Artacho
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Parallel Worlds

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Two women, completely unaware of the new territory they’ve just set foot on. Only ghostly traces of a distant past emerge. Parallel Worlds highlights two reincarnated children, trying to bridge the gap between this new mirror universe and their previous lives, evoked in flashes and scattered snatches. These nostalgic impulses rise to the surface, swelling to encompass them whole, only to fade away. With ardor and mystery, this creation is a world in itself, with its own dimensions of space and time, to be defined entirely.

*A project initiated by Sarah Williams

"One is airy, light, diaphanous, present, hyper-precise. That's Louise Bédard. The other is earthy, leonine, biting, present, super-precise. She's Sarah Williams. The two come together for the first time on stage, in a choreography by Catherine Gaudet that seeks to summon, if only for a second, all these lives, faces, masks, personas lurking in a single body."

Catherine Lalonde (Le Devoir)

Bande-annonce © Xavier Curnillon

Chorégraphie Catherine Gaudet

Interprétation à la création Sarah Williams, Louise Bédard

Aide à la dramaturgie et direction des répétitions Sophie Michaud

Aide à la répétition Lucie Vigneault

Soutien à la dramaturgie Mathieu Leroux

Lumières Hugo Dalphond

Musique Antoine Berthiaume

Costumes Marilène Bastien

Direction de production Mégane Trudeau

Direction technique  François Marceau

Administration  Brenda Recinos-Ramirez

Coordination  Sylviane Martineau

Communications  Dgeyne Dantiste

Soutien à l’administration  Louise Bédard Danse 

Coproduction Sarah Williams et Agora de la danse (Montréal)

Résidences de création Agora de la danse, Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV, Place des Arts

Catherine Gaudet est membre de Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.

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