Creative Workshop at L’Artère

Cancelled due to COVID-19

The workshop will be a laboratory for creation and experimentation where, through various avenues of exploration – multiple intentions, phantasmagoria, surrealist situations – Catherine will aim to reveal the complexity that drives character and actions, as well as the forces – symbolic, archetypal, vital – that set them in motion. By working closely with the participants and by interweaving each person’s creative intuitions, the emphasis will be on a quest for a resonant, transparent posture that allows those forces to come to light and thus mobilize the body. The aim is to become other, another being or state of multiplicity that is forever shifting and unfolding in constant transmutation, leading to a dramaturgy of metamorphosis that gradually takes shape.

The public is invited to attend a workshop presentation on Friday, May 15 at 5 p.m.

May 11 to 15, 2020 – 9 a.m. to 12 noon
Organized by L’Artère, art de la danse et du mouvement  /
Maison pour la danse de Québec /


Catherine Gaudet is interested in the transformation of the body generated by ambiguity as a driving force. She approaches choreography as a study of the unconscious, of the elusive and imperceptible aspects of human behaviour. She aims to shed light on what is masked and hidden, whereby the body resonates with complex sensations simmering under the surface. Her dance vocabulary is characterized by subtle changes in muscular tension that reveal an underlying entanglement of impulses, moods and ideas. Onstage, the dancers rise to the challenge of incessantly reconstructing a finely crafted choreographic composition. Fully engaged and combining raw movement with extreme control over form, they present a performative dance where the body is both the receiver and transmitter of subconscious, invisible forces, witness to an existential story that is both personal and universal.

photo © Nathalie St-Pierre