Catherine Gaudet – Winner of the 2022 Grand prix de la danse

We are pleased and proud to announce that Catherine Gaudet is the winner of the Grand Prix de la danse 2022. This award recognizes Catherine’s work over the years and more specifically for her show The pretty Things.

”The jury wishes to highlight Catherine Gaudet’s creative effervescence, and the great mastery she brings to her art, driven by an implacable audacity that is constantly being redefined through the choreographic form. Gaudet’s vertiginous and passionate writing, and her fascination with the depth and complexity of the human psyche, reflect more than 15 years of research. This year, three of her works were presented in MontrealLes jolies choses, at the Agora de la danse as part of the FTA; Se dissoudre, at the Agora de la danse; and L’affadissement du merveilleux, on tour with the CAM 2021-2022. Each of these works reveals a self-deprecation, vulnerability, and a power and purity of gesture. The jury applauded the work of this artist, who deepens her connection to the other and her art form by magnifying them in works that are generous and powerful.”

The Catherine Gaudet Company and the winner would like to warmly thank Québecor, the City of Montreal and the Prix de la danse de Montréal for this wonderful recognition and congratulate all the other Prix de la danse winners.

Photo: Vanessa Fortin